A downloadable game for Windows

Your base is under attack!  Work together with a friend to pilot your mech and defend the engine cores scattered around the map!

[Mech Controls]

Game pad: D-pad and face buttons

Keyboard: W/A/S/D and K + L

[Circuit Board Controls]

Use the mouse to wire systems to the mech controller.  Systems need to be connected to batteries to become operational.  Connecting more batteries to a system will make that system more powerful!  Damaged systems can be re-initialized by clicking on them.

Plug And Play was created during TOJam13 by Jay Edry (@Janimator0), Dave Hill (@FooBargle), Vic Nguyen (@cowceda) and Kenneth Yeung (@Capy_Ken)

Install instructions

Just unzip the file to a folder on your PC and run Game.exe


PlugAndPlayDemo.zip 19 MB


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It feels too hard to defend all of the cores. I ended up hunkering down by one and just defending that one while the rest got destroyed.